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Have you ever caught your-self dozing during a 'personal development' seminar? Have you ever thought the trainer had never lived in 'your' world? Or perhaps you came back wet, bruised and tired from a team building event that did nothing but create more bad feeling.

If you are managing a company, department or team that is failing to meet expectations due to internal discord, where do you turn? Team building, in terms of budgetary spend, is one of the top training requirements but with the best will in the world, what percentage of the tens of millions of pounds being spent proves not to be an investment in terms of delivering any return. Quite clearly, hurtling around the countryside shooting each other with paint ball guns or any other similar activity can, at best, provide a release of tension and an opportunity for teams to interact in a different environment. What's needed is something that really impacts the work place and empowers individuals with the skills necessary to interact more harmoniously and thus more productively. So what is the solution?

At 'Pivotal' we have such a solution . A program, specifically designed for teams experiencing too many crisis; conflict getting in the way of productivity, deadlines slipping and a general feeling of disharmony. A unique workshop that challenges and inspires, unlocks creativity and breaks down inhibitions. Most importantly it is highly effective in transforming groups into harmonious, cohesive teams and happy teams are far less stressed and far more productive .

A structured programme embracing the extreme power of music acts as the catalyst for creating the team spirit.

Accelerated learning techniques coupled with personalised business training models enable participants to work together as a band, in the most exclusive , state of the art recording studio, whilst experiencing, first hand, how a team positively evolves and what the benefits of a genuine team spirit are, both to individuals and their work environment.

The requirements for a successful band correspond directly to that of any cohesive group attempting to work together harmoniously. Coupled with the fact that learning to play an instrument for the first time and doing this amongst your peers produces such an intense array of situations and emotions, the Pivotal 'Working in Harmony' course for business will highlight individual/group strengths and weaknesses in a way traditional team building cannot. Musical skills are not needed and people are truly amazed how we draw out what lies within them in terms of creativity and musical talent.

The three day program is professionally facilitated to identify their specific issues and challenges and during their time together, they create a team strategy for implementation upon their return to the work place.

Think about the power of music over recent years in terms of uniting countries, bringing tens of thousands of people together where there is neither violence nor conflict because the music has created a spirit and engendered mutual respect.

Whether your team is effective or in crisis the 'Working in Harmony' course for business proves both challenging and inspirational whilst being enjoyable and most of all. Effective!

Real World Studios
Real World Studios
a truly inspirational setting for a once in a life time experience and an opportunity not to be missed.
Dog House Studios
Dog House Studios
A private secluded riverside location with fabulous on-site facilities.
Hook End Studios
Hook End Studios
There are other residential studios in the world but none so fine as Sarm Hook End.
Rooksmere Recording Studios
Rooksmere Studios
Rooksmere provides a high quality recording facility in a relaxed environment.9