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Meet and greet accompanied by refreshments and providing an opportunity to assess the group, individually and as a team to assess natural musical tendencies. natural musical.

The secrets of song writing .

Participants enter recording studio and begin to organise chord construction using a 'Tonal elimination system' and collectively brainstorms lyrical material.


Continuation of lyrical brainstorming.


Song structure finalised and lyrics in place the participants then begin to develop collective musical ideas and individual instrumental parts. We begin recording as soon as possible to maximise the quality of the end result and clients always leave with a better understanding of themselves and their team coupled with a profound sense of achievement.

05:30 PM~ CLOSE

Due to the limited time, the one day course does not contain any of the in-depth analysis we are able to provide in the two and three day programs. However it still remains a stimulating and enjoyable day with far reaching benefits and a sustainable team spirit into any group taking part.

Real World Studios
Real World Studios
a truly inspirational setting for a once in a life time experience and an opportunity not to be missed.
Dog House Studios
Dog House Studios
A private secluded riverside location with fabulous on-site facilities.
Hook End Studios
Hook End Studios
There are other residential studios in the world but none so fine as Sarm Hook End.
Rooksmere Recording Studios
Rooksmere Studios
Rooksmere provides a high quality recording facility in a relaxed environment.9