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Pivotal - Team Building Events - Schedule Schedule for the Two Day Course



Meet and greet accompanied by refreshments providing an opportunity to assess the group individually and as a team to identify the specific issues and challenges peculiar to them as a group and assess natural musical tendencies. natural musical tendencies.

Discussion based study on ICD damage taken from participants' personal experience directed towards understanding the barriers created from these experiences and how they can be over come.

Participants enter recording studio and the 'layered learning' program enables them to learn to play their instruments, whilst developing a 'collective sequence memory' and enhanced musical awareness.

The secrets of song writing.

Group begins to organise chord construction using a 'Tonal elimination system' and collectively brainstorms lyrical material.


Continuation of lyrical brainstorming.


Song structure finalised and lyrics roughly in place the participants then begin to develop collective musical ideas and individual instrumental parts. Preliminary recordings are made and performance enhancing, digital dexterity, quadrapedic independence and tonal recognition exercises are recommended for the evening's free practice.


Subject to your choice of venue the studio facilities may include a Gym, Games Room (Snooker & Pool), Lounge and a Heated Swimming Pool. These are available 24 hours a day as is a practise room for delegates to use as appropriate. (See Course Options and browse their websites at your leisure).

See bellow for a brief outline of course content during the following two days.


The structure during day two will be determined by the needs of the group and directed towards producing a live recording. Instruction can include, discussion based models;

  1. Am I good for business?
  2. Mistakes or creative opportunities and how to tell the difference.
  3. Creative team building and the three C's'. (See section titled 'How will my team benefit' )

Once again, subject to the specific needs of the group, the days work will be complemented by one or more further training modules specifically aligned to the learning experienced during the programme. These interactive sessions will expand upon the key areas of team spirit creation and the sustainability of harmony and cohesion.

  1. Reasons why communication is crucial and the skills required communicating effectively as a team player.
  2. How and why teams evolve and retain a team spirit in the face of an ever changing environment.
  3. Motivation and empowerment-what this really means and how powerful it can be for performance improvement.
  4. Understanding and managing change.
  5. What next- Aims, objectives, absolute self- promises and action plan.

At the close of the final day the participants receive, along with a recording of their work a written summary including the training models studied and a diary they are encouraged to keep during the event.

Real World Studios
Real World Studios
a truly inspirational setting for a once in a life time experience and an opportunity not to be missed.
Dog House Studios
Dog House Studios
A private secluded riverside location with fabulous on-site facilities.
Hook End Studios
Hook End Studios
There are other residential studios in the world but none so fine as Sarm Hook End.
Rooksmere Recording Studios
Rooksmere Studios
Rooksmere provides a high quality recording facility in a relaxed environment.9