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Inhibited Creative Development

The brain works on the same principle as do all natures wonders. Everything working in harmony and each playing its part to perfection. Disruption of this fine balance damages far beyond even the probe of science fully understands as daily we are called to account for the ignorance of our predecessors.

You probably have brain damage!

Have you ever:

  • Asked a question and been ridiculed?
  • Opened your mouth to sing and be told you sound awful?
  • Rebuked for daydreaming or curiosity?
  • Made to feel self-conscious?
  • Been punished when innocent?
  • Been manipulated by affection?

If you can genuinely answer "no" to all of the above then your one of the lucky ones.

If you answer yes to any of the above, to whatever degree, you have sustained brain damage and as a result could be fighting any number of physical, mental or social disorders both fatal and benign.

Do you:

  • Find it difficult to learn new things?
  • Find it difficult to work whilst being observed?
  • Have poor coordination skills?
  • Find it difficult to concentrate for sustained periods?
  • Hate being the centre of attention?
  • Want to be the centre of attention all the time?
  • Find it difficult to think clearly when under pressure?
  • Have unhealthy skin?
  • Think before you smile?
  • Rely on drugs?
  • Become Nervous/aggressive when questioned or misunderstood?
  • Hate being alone?
  • Suffer from depression?
  • Self harm?

These are but a few of the conditions that can be associated with the kind of damage I am thus abbreviating ICD. (Inhibited Creative Development)

What is ICD?

At a poignant moment of development, the brain is flushed with chemicals that build or dissolve a potentially permanent neurological connection thus encouraging or inhibiting further exploration and development.

When does ICD take place?

In a natural setting ICD is the brains natural defence mechanism that disallows natural curiosity and creativity the right to damage the body.


A child sees fire and is naturally curious but one single touch and that action is never repeated;

Curiosity ( Natural human instinct) + Pain (negative response)= ICD

A sense of excitement at discovery, coupled with encouraging tones from those present is essential to the learning process. It helps produce reassuring chemical cues that lubricate clear unpolluted signal pathways forged to carry the data necessary for successful task completion. Embarrassment or the fear of shame during these fragile moments is rather like replacing the oil with cement. At the very least it will be debilitating for the moment, at worst...for life!

How can ICD affect me negatively?

We are all creatures of instinct. We are both instinctively curious and creative with an acute sense of injustice and whilst being nurturing and affectionate will, when threatened, defend our-selves and those we love to the death.

From the moment of conception we are awash with chemical messages that govern our development as our interface with the out-side world is bombarded with physical and emotional signals. Immediately we are born, the fight to control our environment begins and our environment fights back, quite often unintentionally damaging our creative neurological development. Creativity is vulnerable and we have developed terms to familiarise our selves with the condition; "it really knocked his confidence" or perhaps "she's got a real phobia about that". We have all either heard our selves or someone close to us admit to other more common manifestations of ICD; "I can't work with you watching me" or "I'm not a creative person" or even "I'm so indecisive."

If you can understand or identify with any of the above then you likely know of someone or have yourself-suffered from ICD.

To list in full the extent to which all our lives are affected by ICD is unnecessary and best left to the reader however, two important questions must be raised:

Is it possible to repair the damage? Why should I be interested in doing so?

Is your brain firing on all cylinders?

In answer to the question, "Can ICD be repaired?" Yes, of course. Thousands of caring professionals all over the world deal with the more severe cases every day.

Many schools of thought employ their methods when the symptoms are acutely dysfunctional enough to be diagnosed by a doctor or social worker or have come to the attention of the local constabulary and with, I think its fair to say, varying degrees of success. Most of us however, graduate, consummate and procreate without realizing that some of our deepest inclinations and natural talents were put to sleep with no more than a word and the road to awakening, a journey we no longer have the freedom or the inclination to take.

Think for a moment what we, as humans, are capable of:

Michael Schumacher;

Performs a separate task with each limb (Quadrapedic independence. Ref; Qi) at break neck speed with split second timing whilst accessing and responding to a constant stream of data from the tyres to the team radio. He can execute an overtaking manoeuvre experiencing huge G-forces whilst taking a drink and cracking a joke in any numbers of languages.

Off the track he is a successful businessman and a charismatic leader.


Plays the guitar better than Hendrix, piano* better than Chopin, drums* better than John Bonham and his dancing makes Michael Jackson look as if he's nailed to the floor. He can improvise vocally and lyrically alongside any, or possible combinations of these tasks whilst wooing your partner and making you wish, for the first time in your life, you were a little smaller.

Off stage he is also a successful multi-lingual businessman and a charismatic leader.

In the use of these examples I intend not to suggest that we should aspire to any level of celebrity status or insinuate they somehow escaped the negative ICD we have suffered, indeed, ICD in one regard, often prompts an over achievement in another, but as a means to illustrate our brains marvellous potential. They demonstrate the brain going to work in an extraordinary way when most of us struggle to rub our stomachs whilst patting our heads.

* "Quadrapedic independence" is by definition the brains ability to perform an individual task with each limb whilst allowing freedom of expression for the creative brain and smooth data flow from scientific brain.

To break down what is actually occurring in the brains of our two "hyper performers" is not with out its complexities but in simple terms reads thus.


Not wishing to suggest this method is directed specifically at such, the effect of simple co-ordinated clapping and stamping exercises have been researched and implemented in the treatment of some learning disorders and even actual brain damage. The benefits are clearly visible to medical science, well documented and available but what about a kick-start for the rest of us?

Mastering 'Quadrapedic independence' will definitely trigger impulses, simultaneously, in both sides of the brain, thus developing neurological connections that otherwise would not exist and once built, can be developed for other functions. The creative and scientific parts of the brain are housed in separate and opposite lobes, so it requires no stretch of the imagination to understand why the benefits of such connections, are the first step to maximising our neurological capabilities.

Accessing the sequence memory whilst improvising within that framework coupled with a Quadrapedic exercise and some form of harmonic co-ordinated vocalisation is the destination and the revolutionary teaching methods employed by 'Pivotal Business Support' will ensure you arrive there safely with your brain truly firing on all cylinders. A teaching model has been developed, centred on the specific needs of each individual, considering a candidate's experiences and circumstances and taking care to implement the correct instructive methods. The application of simple 'light', 'colour' and 'aroma' therapy techniques ensure a stimulating, creative learning experience, regardless of aspirations.

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