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Pivotal Business Support has for the past few years operated as a 'soft skill' training provider and business consultancy practice.

For some years however Barry Hibberd the co founder of Pivotal had felt that the vast majority of team building training his own included didn't actually achieve the primary aim of getting a group of people who needed to function as a team to return to the workplace after the training and do just that!

For a group of people to gel to enable them to work cohesively and productively requires the glue to make that happen and Barry felt it took more then traditional soft- skill development or racing each other on a Go Kart track to provide the 'elusive' glue.

Long story short: Barry wanted to learn to play drums and was recommended to go to Patrick Guy for lessons. Patrick being an accomplished multi-talented musician and first-class teacher took on the challenge!

Patrick had what Barry felt was a truly brilliant concept of using music to help build teams and after many months of discussion, prototyping and refinement the revolutionary 'Groups to Teams' programme was born.

Barry unfortunately still struggles with his drumming but this has nothing whatsoever to do with instruction from the master but everything to do with so much of his time spent perfecting what is today a truly powerful team building programme.

Real World Studios
Real World Studios
a truly inspirational setting for a once in a life time experience and an opportunity not to be missed.
Dog House Studios
Dog House Studios
A private secluded riverside location with fabulous on-site facilities.
Hook End Studios
Hook End Studios
There are other residential studios in the world but none so fine as Sarm Hook End.
Rooksmere Recording Studios
Rooksmere Studios
Rooksmere provides a high quality recording facility in a relaxed environment.9