Pivotal - The Ultimate Team Building Experience

Pivotal Team Building Events - How will my team benefit? How will my team benefit?

The similarities between the requirements for a successful band in relation to harmonious creative team-work are very much the same for a successful business.

Recognising that effective team-work play's a significant part of business success is highlighted in situations where team weaknesses become exposed and then used as discussion based learning sessions throughout the programme.

A simple task such as, setting the volume of one instrument against another demonstrates a fundamental principle of cohesive team work as the situation demands for all to 'Hear and be Heard' .

'Each of us must play a part' is a model illustrating the importance of role assignment within a successful working unit and individual/ collective responsibility for creating a true team spirit.

Competence, confidence and communication (The three C's)

Any task, irrespective of complexity, has these three elements at the core of its success and this model highlights emphatically, the power of a team with these qualities firmly in place.

'Am I good for business?' (ICD in the work place)*

Understanding how we effect, and are affected by, other team memebers is an important step towards creating a sustainable, cohesive team spirit.

Few participants can escape the vulnerability felt when attempting to play a musical instrument for the first time. Rising to this challenge amongst your peers provokes an intense array of emotions and an acute awareness of how an individual needs positive input from their team to function creatively and with confidence.

'Mistakes or creative opportunities and how to spot them' is an improvisation program designed to highlight the importance of adaptability in business and to stimulate creative confidence.

Dealing with an error as individual's and as a team is a constant throughout the program, providing frequent opportunity for skill development and appreciation of the benefits working in harmony has.

The sense of accomplishment felt amongst the group and the bond cemented between participants is extraordinary. A three-pronged follow up scheme seeks to ensure this is more than just a soon to be forgotten, wasted experience.

•  A global Internet forum to display each teams work and comments.(Best of the best/worst of the worst)

•  One, two or three-day reinforcement program opportunities.

•  Annual concert for programme delegates to perform and view the young musicians they have had a hand in developing.

By the end of the programme delegates will:

? Understand the full implications of failing to operate as a team and committed to the benefits of change for improvement.

? Understand and have the desire to bring about these changes specifically for their team and have formulated a workable plan to achieve this.

? Have experienced the power of working together and achieved something they would never have thought was achievable.

? Have bonded and found greater respect for each other.

? Leave with tangible evidence of their endeavours in the form of their music CD.

? Return to work with a team spirit and energised to take on new challenges.

Real World Studios
Real World Studios
a truly inspirational setting for a once in a life time experience and an opportunity not to be missed.
Dog House Studios
Dog House Studios
A private secluded riverside location with fabulous on-site facilities.
Hook End Studios
Hook End Studios
There are other residential studios in the world but none so fine as Sarm Hook End.
Rooksmere Recording Studios
Rooksmere Studios
Rooksmere provides a high quality recording facility in a relaxed environment.9